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Wall Mounted Dressing Table Wall ( Mirror With Shelves )

Wall Mounted Dressing Table Wall ( Mirror With Shelves )

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Space-Saving Design This wall-mounted design maximizes space efficiency, allowing you to make full use of vertical space. Ideal for cubicles, smaller bedrooms, or bathrooms where floor space is limited, this product is perfect for those who value organization without compromising on style.

Adjustable Height Tailor the height to your specific needs for makeup application or grooming. Whether you prefer a standing or sitting position, this product can be adjusted to fit your preference, offering versatility and comfort.

Ample Storage Space With four spacious shelves and an integrated mirror, you can store a variety of cosmetics and toiletries with ease. The design allows for organized storage, keeping your essentials within easy reach while maintaining a tidy appearance. The mirror adds functionality and style, serving as a convenient addition to your beauty or grooming routine.

Quality Material Constructed with high-quality lamination and PVC edging, this product is designed for durability and longevity. The PVC edging provides additional protection against wear and tear, ensuring that the product maintains its sleek appearance over time.

Elegant Rural Style The rural style adds a touch of charm to any room. The clean lines and simple design complement a variety of decor styles, from rustic to modern, making it a versatile addition to your home.

Product Dimensions The product measures 31.5 inches in height, 5 inches in depth, and 23.5 inches in width, providing ample space for storage while maintaining a compact profile. This size is ideal for mounting on a wall, allowing you to utilize vertical space without overwhelming your room.

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